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Super Deal Offer from Dreamcatcher Consulting


Jim Haverlock is known as the “Reinvented Man” because he has reinvented himself many times over in life. From Imagerags to millionaire partner in a major southern furniture chain to mid-life e-commerce founder and webmaster, Jim has become an expert in the one thing that makes or breaks modern day businesses: Visibility and ranking on the Web.
Jim has placed his acumen, people such as award-winning writer & web content writer-strategist, Anthony Payne, and sophisticated cyber tools under a single corporate umbrella he calls “Dreamcatcher Consulting”.  And, as part of his mission to help others succeed, he is inviting those who want to make their commercial websites a browser &  money magnet a unique opportunity to engage Dreamcatcher’s services and save up to $500.00 doing so.
Jim’s special “try us out” gift package includes:
A. Editing of old website text for added clarity and pizzazz plus  creation of new, more vibrant text geared to attract & hold the attention of browsers and get them making purchases
B. Domain name setup & registration for 12 months
C. Initial sitemaps in the #1 web friendliest formats – xml, ror, html & image.xml
D. 12 successive months of website submission to all the major search engines including Google and Bing 
E.  Setup statistics coding of each web page (for client reports)
* Basic website development
However, there is catch to Jim’s generous offer: It is only good for the 1st three (3) firms to sign up between now and Thanksgiving day 2013!
If you are ready to grow your Web presence and save some money doing it, then grab a phone and call Jim at 1-509- 997-0204. For those who prefer email, shoot Jim a message to  or
#     #     #
Contact: Jim Haverlock
Dreamcatcher Consulting, Inc.
PO Box 728
506 Twisp Avenue West
Twisp, WA 98856-0728

Email:  or


Website Content, what is it?

Website and good content

People who visit a website do so to quickly see –

  • navigation ease – to find what the viewer visited for;
  • bullet points – that afford them a quick overview;
  • short, sharp to the point sentences;
  • strategically placed images in content;
  • important information – highlighted or in bold;

Contact Dreamcatcher Consulting to learn more.

Hi all, before posting a lot of entries, would like to ask what it is that you would like to see on these pages.

Be nice to share ideas, thoughts and more… this will be a short post for today, look forward to your suggestions.


Down to Earth

“Down to Earth” – Search Engine and Website Facts

Taking the top Search Engine in today’s world – Google – they specify the position of a website in its search results by on-page factors and off-page factors.

On-page factors are all factors that can be found on your web pages:

* Can search engines find all pages of your website through the links on your website?

* Is the HTML code of your web pages error free so that search engine spiders can easily parse your pages?

* Does your robots.txt file allow search engine spiders to visit your web pages?

* Did you optimize the web page for the targeted keyword?

* Are your web pages free of all spam elements (no hidden text, no sneaky redirects, no keyword stuffing, cloaking, etc.?

Off-page factors are the factors that cannot be found on your web pages:

* How many websites link to your site?

* Are these links from related high quality pages?

* Do social bookmark websites link to your site?

* Do the links to your website include the keywords for which you want to be ranked highly?

All of these factors are important if you want to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  The majority of business owners wear many hats and most cannot be excellent at all facets required.  We hire qualified people to be “Sales Manager”, “Office Manager”, “Accounting” “Marketing” and etc.  In our fast paced world, one individual, in majority of cases, cannot be all things or do all things perfectly.  The same is true when it comes to your website – design, appearance, navigation, products, and getting your site found and viewed through “search engines” (browsers”).  Choose a firm that specializes in this facet of business and watch your online business grow.

Stay tuned for more to come.. or contact Dreamcatcher Consulting for your website.

How many potential customers are you losing?

How many potential customers are you losing in a day? . . .

Having a mobile website is critical if you want to reach more customers with a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device. Give them a great experience and increase sales in the process.

Features of Our Mobile Websites: (a few ..)

* Ease of use menu design, streamlined content, limited scrolling and key graphics.
* Only shows what’s most important and meaningful to your mobile visitors, i.e., directions, contact info, store hours.
* Operates on all the major mobile devices.
* Complements your existing website and helps improve SEO – monthly maintenance, all for a low monthly fee.

We can also provide advanced solutions like Search Engine Optimization, Ecommerce or other integrated solutions to meet your needs.

Contact us today and let us introduce you to your future top salesperson – your customized mobile web site.

Hello world!

Welcome to our new ‘blog’,  seo4rank .

Our wish is to bring you “down to earth” information on web sites, search engines, the Internet and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) without a lot of “cyber-geek-speak”.

Your questions, thoughts, comments are welcome and wanted.  The goal is to be able to work together to make your website not only eye-catching, but to have it found among the more than 8 billion web sites around the planet earth.

As we all pretty much know, the search engines only choose to show ten (10) positions on their first page.  To be on the first page is  what we all want .  To get there requires a constant vigilance and maintenance of the web site’s coding (that is SEO).  This code is used to render the image we see on our computer monitors.  The coding is also what the search engine spiders and robots see, and use to position what they have been programmed to fill those first 10 spots.

Stay with this blog as we explore, together, the World Wide Web, Internet, search engines and SEO.  Be sure to chime in at any time.

It is said that Web Site Design  without  Optimization is like –  “spending a few thousand dollars to get an eye catching Super Bowl ad, and not buying air time to show it to the viewers.”

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